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Program Notes for "Piano Recital"

Posted on February 10, 2015 with 0 comments
About the Album:

Piano Recital is a chronology of classical music composition spanning two hundred years. Commencing with the Baroque period, it moves through the Classical period, the early, middle and late Romantic periods and ends with twentieth century Impressionism. From Bach's cerebral and spiritual designs to Debussy's night sky alight with fireworks on the eve of Bastille Day; this is an album of many colors, moods, emotions and realities.

About the Music:

The musical works in Piano Recital require no explanation with the possible exception of Schumann's "Papillons." Enigmatic in structure and character; it represents Schumann's fusion of musical ideas with literary ones. It is a musical reference to certain random events that take place in the last scene of a novel. Two men vie to seduce a beautiful woman, set to the exuberant dancing and intrigues of a nineteenth century masquerade ball. The title "Papillons" (French for butterflies), is lifted from the following passage depicting a romantic interlude: "mere wisps of language, mere distraught butterflies wafted upon the sea from a distant isle."
In the Finale, the chiming of a clock signals the end of the ball, and the narrative.
-Hal Freedman

"Everyone tells a story differently, and that story should be told compellingly and spontaneously. If it is not compelling and convincing, it is without value."
- Radu Lupu, pianist.