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Classical Soul CD reviews

Posted on September 23, 2011 with 0 comments
"Classical Soul" album reviews

"Classical Soul" contains a great unique program of compositions; I really enjoyed the various techniques you explore with your music and on the piano. In "Nocturne No 20, I really enjoyed the playing; excellent feel, very nice phrasing of the melody, interesting breaths in the phrases, great piano sound, and your playing is beautiful. "

--- J. Williams, jazz musician, Berklee School of Music

Listening to this cd has taught me the possibilities. His playing is magical and his musicianship wonderous. How often have you heard a musician perform who is technically flawless yet the playing is empty? Not the case here! When you listen to this cd, you are moved by the depth feeling in the playing, by the soul of the musician.

Truly, this CD is aptly titled!

--- M. Karpin, Philadelphia

It gives me great pleasure to listen to your brilliant performances,
and I think you have made a great choice in musical numbers.
I play your cd frequently.
Please keep me informed about any further releases.

--- J. E. Holt, Hamar, Norway

"Hal - A more than appropriate title - the previews that I listened to strike a chord that resonates to the core of the soul - beautiful.

-- James Hanlon, New York City

CDbaby Editor's Pick 2011
Hal Freedman
Classical Soul
Classical: Romantic Era
"On these 13 expressive, beloved piano solos from the Romantic era, Freedman successfully recaptures and reinterprets the true spirit of the time, embracing intensive inward exploration of the imagination, intuition, and that most powerful of forces: human emotion."

---CDbaby Editor

In an era when pianists are racing for technical virtuosity, as if playing the piano was the Tour de France, where speed and agility take the day, few seem to be competing to create music that is art. Freedman offers the alternative, a work of emotional presence, through which one feels the intensity of what it means to be human and alive. To listen to this album is to be swept on a journey with the composers of nuance, suffering, passion, and flickers of joy and beauty.

--- M. Segal, Philadelphia

Very beautiful playing! Sensitive and touching. Space and time are not just part of universe. It starts with Hal Freedman soul.

--- Tal-Haim Samnon , Israel

The pianist plays each note as if it has a life of its own. He is able to create a lovely musical world.

--- Julio Garcia
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Every time I listened to your CD I had a different favorite until now everyone is my favorite. It's very had to put into words the effect your playing has on me. I think because it sounds so genuine it makes you listen to everything going on as opposed to just listening to a CD. It is more like an event than just a CD.
Both the programming and performance become more enchanting with each listening. Each note, phrase, section and piece resounds with purpose, a tone of it's own and romantic charm. The performer achieves an expression of each composer's musical intent. The listener finds themselves compulsed to listen again and again because the effect is soulful.

---Jamie Van Buskirk, Philadelphia

Bob Parini, the Steinway technician for the Kimmel center, was very happy to receive a copy.

My massage therapist is using it for her clients and said they are all enjoying it very much. Her thank you note said in part, "Thank you! What a beautiful job he did. I really love it."

A professional percussionist called me from a cross country drive to say that she just listened to it in her van and that the first and last tracks were her favorite. She really liked how loud it was recorded so that she could hear it in her van really well because she never gets time to listen on her good home equipment.

A co-worker from Columbus Ohio wrote: Thank you so much for the beautiful piano CD! I love it and listen to it in the kitchen with Thomas while cooking :-)
(Thomas is her 6 month old son)
I just wanted you to know that you're bringing enjoyment to a lot of people.

Now to the reason of this e-mail--the music of your piano teacher.
You'll be happy to know (please share with your teacher) that we have
played the music for my Mom at her hospital bed this week in the
evenings. My daughter and boyfriend rigged up an old CD player Lisa had
and speakers Mike had so Mom could have musical entertainment. It was
so relaxing. Mom loves piano music. A nurse came running in to find
where the music was coming from. She hated to have to leave the room
and return to her post. She wished that type of music would be piped
throughout the hospital. .
So pass the word on to your teacher. Let him know his music is enjoyed
by many and has made it into a hospital room at a rehab center.

---Jamie Buskirk and friends